Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dan E Peck - Peace Pipe

Hear The Track Here

I think this is the fourth time around for MP3 Unsigned uber rock guitarist Dan E Peck. If you take a peek at his website you will see that this is a man who has been around the block a few times, playing live and - of course - issuing music through the internet. Having all that experience under his belt should mean - by any reckoning - that Dan should know exactly what he wants and how to get it. The last two of his tracks I reviewed - Ibanez Strut (December 2007) and Beachin (January 2008) - both received Must Have rating from me but I guess that is to be expected seeing as I love rock at its best.

and plank spankers too, I guess.

The quality and experience is evident in every note he plays, and in the way he plays them. Add that to a faultless production and mix and believe me you can't go far wrong. Even if I didn't particularly like guitar instrumentals, one listen to this track would convince me that, done correctly, guitar instrumentals are every bit as valid as they ever were. It's a given though that the primary audience for a track like this is going to be other guitarists looking to learn some proper technique.

You just cannot, in any form, replicate the flow and feel that experience gives a guitarist (as opposed to other musicians for example) because each guitarists style, tone and emotion is based on their own capabilities and knowledge. A guitarist as subtle and nuanced as say Jeff Beck is worlds away from the few chord bash that figures in most forms of alternative rock these days. I used the allusion to Jeff Beck on purpose because Dan's performance on this track has the confidence that Beck brings to the party, Dan's tone and style though is most definitely his own. Peace Pice is a wonderful track that I enjoyed listening to immensely, so much so that I also had to listen to the classical version (with Andy F) on the site too. Both tracks deserve a listen IMHO.
Class guitarist with a beautiful track. 

MUST HAVE for me but Highly Recommended even so...

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