Friday, October 24, 2008

Kiria - Radio

Hear The Track Here

Tell ya what, in the almost two years that my RebelRiffs review blog has been running, it has increased the amount of artists I can get too by a thousand percent. Most of those artists have been at least listenable, and some have been very good indeed. A lot of the artists I have been reviewing have been coming from Big Red Caravan, an independent promotions company I came across a few months ago who are currently promoting the excellent (and much needed) Knife Crime Awareness Tour throughout the UK. More details about that tours, and the artists that Big Red Caravan handle can be found here.

(note: I know I am breaking precedent because this is the first pic I have ever
featured in my reviews but come on...look at her! How can I not)

Kiria is one of the artists suuporting this worthwhile venture, she is a new name to me (and maybe you too). Kiria is also a band comprising of: Kiria (vocals/guitar), Taylor (bass/vocals) Rob Marche (lead guitar) Adie Hardy (rhythm guitar), Ed Grimshaw (drums) and Sheena (Violin/vocals). Billed as either pop rock, alternative or punk, Radio is currently the only track available on their webpage and one track isn't going to tell you much of a story. It will blow your head off though, and definitely augers well for this London based band. Personally I haven't been to a gig in a million years (had enough of that in my mis-spent youth) but judging by Radio, Kiria is one band it may well be worth searching out live.

It's a kinda rock pop track in a proud English tradition, bristling with hooks and a powerful, focussed production and mix and if it doesn't grab you within the first few bars, you just have to be clinically dead. I usually listen to reviews on lots of different systems just to get different perspectives and this sounds absolutely cracking no matter what I play it on. At its heart is an excellent song, performed with lots of frive and energy by Kiria and chums. It's also a fresh, clean sound that flows into your earholes, blowing away years of cobwebs. Whatever you do, play this track loud for the best effect and just imagine how good this should sound live.

Ace song (and a very commerical one at that). MUST HAVE.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, cool tip here - I really seriously like this band and I just read a nasty review of them - just goes to show not everyone has a taste for real music!
There is another track on youtube but you have to look up kiria/ mike strutter to find it. Live Sex On Stage it's called - they are fab!