Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thierry Kaufman - Wish You Were Here

Hear The Track Here

Thierry Kaufman approached me through my blog for a review, a growing source it seems. He is a USA based classically trained pianist (he started when he was 9) but other than that this is a brand new name to me. Wish You Were Here (nothing to do with the Pink Floyd track of the same name) is part of a seven track CD called Seven for Summer which he is presently promoting out of Last.fm. All seven tracks are original, even though Thierry seems to have done the usual church/house piano player route familiar to any American musician.

So, given his background, you would expect a solid, professional peice of music and Wish You Were Here doesn't disappoint at all. Of course, its a given that you should like classically inclined piano peices to really get the fullest out of this track but it is nonethless a striking peice of music - classical or otherwise. See, the thing is I've heard thousands upon thousands of these kind of tracks and it takes a special one to wake me up.

This track did that.

It did it primarily because Wish You Were Here is a simple thing: a wonderful peice of music, nothing more or less. It would be fair to say this is technically a piano peice (although it is scored with strings and things) because that instrument takes centre stage. As regular readers are already aware, I am not a big fan of piano peices - usually because they are flabby musically and intellectually. No such problem with this track though, sensitively scored and produced, this is one piano track I am definitely going to be listening to for a while longer.

Excellent, classically inclined piano peice, Highly Recommended, if you like the genre.

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