Sunday, October 19, 2008

FXMan - Athema sunkissed

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Just when I thought it was safe to clamber back into the techno/trance waters that is increasingly a large part of MP3 Unsigned roster, along come another one to taunt me. I make no bones about it, trance is definitely not my favourite genre and one I usually run away from at high speed. However, I have been reviewing way too long, and objectivity is something I've certainly learned along the way. So, if were into the genre, what would I look for in search of 'good' trance track? Well, the 71 downloads - note my italics - scream something positive for a start but that could mean he has a rather large family. Nope, I'm looking for something slightly off the beaten four-to-the-floor norm, acccurate and emotive sequencing and a minute attention to the tracks atmosphere - the most important ingredient in this genre IMHO.

So, whadda we got?

Athema sunkissed is basically a collaboration between FXMan and DJ Dence where FX generated the initial track, DJ Dence added to it and between them I'd say that did a fine job. If your only exposure to the whole dance/trance/Ibiza genre is through Harry Enfield's Kevin and Perry Go Large movie you will find plenty that registers. Best not to go looking for the final mix version with Mom and Dan sex noises on because this is NOT that version. All joking aside, as I said earlier, its atmosphere that counts and the main ingredient of that are absolutely MASSIVE highs that go on forever and again FXMan and DJ Dence deliver - but only just and nothing like as often as should happen.

The second part of the trance equation - for me anyway - that the track has some beautiful (nay gorgeous) sequence melodies that are woven into the fabric of the track and again these guys did the business on that. The final count, again for me, is in the technical department. Is this as good as anything out there? Again it would be yes, but reservedly. As clean, clear and crisp as everything is on the track (top marks for that), there is still a bit too much repetition in the track to sustain my interest outside of the review process. There again, I am known for my whinging against the genre, but hopefully not against the musicians in it. Whatever I think, if you love the genre then this track is going to be your steady date, if not you can **** off and listen to something else.  Excellently presented Trance in that certain Island mode ;) 

Highly Recommended if you like the stuff.

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