Sunday, October 26, 2008

Largo - This Morning

Hear The Track Here

This is about the fourth or fifth Largo track to come my way this year, and believe me this is no hardship either to listen to or review. At least two of his previous tracks recieved a Must Have rating from me and if you are presently thinking that is pretty normal because I always seem to like the older musicians around, you would be right. There is nothing better, to my ears, than a seasoned, experienced musician; the quality of the music always speaks fror itself. Again if you think I am trying to justify my enormous bias, I would say yes but I would also point you to other reviewers who have given equally glowing reviews of his work. Oh and btw, one of those Must Have tracks was a ballad and if that fact doesn't stop your whinging and moaning maybe this fist in your face will do the job...

Now, where was I...?

Ah yes experience. Even the most cursory listen to this track will show you that This Morning is a finely crafted peice of music, whatever your own personal taste. So, to my eternal shame and the second time this artist has inflicted this on me, I have spent the past few days cavorting around the place accompanied by a willowy weepie - yet another ballad. Not just a ballad mind, a ballad about lurve and if that isn't poison to me from the get go it has to be a very special artist indeed to turn my philistine heart.

Take, for example, ol' Four Eyes (Ed: I think he is referring to Elton John) of which this track most strongly reminds me; a classic songwriter whose touch with a ballad is nothing short of miraculous; nobody else could have carried off that whole Candle In the Wind thing. The reason I wax lyrical about Reg (Ed: Elton again, his real name this time) is because he is a song craftsman, as is Largo. The arrangement, performance and production on this track is absolutely spot on and even though I am dragged kicking and screaming to the verdict it simply has to be said that this is a beautiful peice of work by anyones light.

MUST HAVE ballad (curse that man!, My rep is ruined forever)

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