Sunday, October 12, 2008

Larry Ludwick - The Apology

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The Apology is the fourth Larry Ludwick track I have reviewed so I should have come to some form of understanding of him right? Welll, not quite. See, Larry is a bit of a butterfly, one in this genre, one in that genre and so on. So obviously - like the aformentioned flying pretty - he's a bit difficult to pin down. What isn't difficult to understand is the level of musical and production skill this artist has at his fingertips as every track has so far shown - and The Apology is no exception.

I blame John Lennon circa his first solo album for the structure and sound of The Apology. That isn't to say that Larry nicked it wholesale but certainly the Lennon spirit (and venom) is a large part of its immediate attraction. 'In memory of Harry Fisher' Larry says in the song comments and its obvious that the song has a lot of personal feeling. In lesser hands, we'd all be passing the sickbags by now so it's to Larry's eternal credit that he can deliver this kind of emotion without sounding forced or strained.

The more I listened to this track, I detected a Neil Young presence as seeing as he is one of my all time favourite musicians, that's definitely a bonus. At bottom, though, The Apology is a simple song, delivered wiith conviction and emotion, the kind of track that always appeals to me, despite my usual distaste for songs that navel gaze rather than actually saying something meaningful. The Apology certainly does that, although I wonder how many people would get its main message. As a man once said, 'we are through the looking glass here people'. It's combination of the song, and the musical roots of the track that won me over and it will probably do the same to you.   Better like mournful rock ballads though...

Highly Recommended Rock.

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