Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nuff X - Another Way (Refit)

Hear The Track Here

While I was listening to this during the review process I realised that its been a long while since I last heard from this excellent, and individualistic, electronica artist. Now if that sentence just didn't stack up for you, allow me to explain. Over the years I have known him Nuff X has constantly surprised me with his own brand of electronica, sometimes glitchy, sometimes alternative tinged but always enjoyable. Over the years he has had a string of highly recommended tracks from me too and that's always a sign that the artist in question at least delivers with some consistency. Therefore its an even bet that almost any Nuff track would be a good introduction to him.

Or if you just plain can't be arsed to go and see what the man has on his page, the first twenty seconds of Another Way will show you just what I mean about being a bit different. Nuff has always used glitch elements in his compositions even before it started becoming commonplace, and now he has refined it to the point that the glitches are often the wtf factor in his tracks. Nuff also has a well developed sense of just how much he can get away with, and he isn't afraid to push that little bit extra.

I was playing some review tracks to some friends and this track came up. Funnily enough the general consensus was that it was 'a bit of a noisy track' and I can see their point. Knowing Nuff though, I'd say that whatever 'noise' there is on it has been put there quite deliberately. Personally I couldn't see that myself, yes it has noise on it, but that noise is definitely used as a part of the whole and - as such - is fairly typical Nuff X. This would take some getting used to though, Nuff does explore some strange places with this oddly jerky track but ultimately I cam away from the experience wanting to hear yet more new stuff from this artist. THEN I noticed he's taken up singing, but more on that in a later review no doubt.

Class electronica with a chaotic edge. Recommended.

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