Sunday, October 12, 2008

MD-1 Project - Giugno 2008

Hear The Track Here

There are a couple of versions of this MD-1 project track (Ed: him again!) on his MP3 Unsigned website; the original released in 2006 (and apparently Song of The Year too) and this version. Seemed only fair then that I should have a quick listen to the original before trying the remix/remake. Now do bear in mind that this track is essentially trance - albeit with the usual Mancini fekkry with genre mixing - which is not a genre I am usually very kind about. There again, as I said MD-1 Project loves to mix it up so whatever your preference you'll probably find a peice of the original to your liking - as did I. The star of that track IMHO is the great sax lines and I wondered ildly if that would be expanded in this new version..

One of my early problems with this artist is amply illustrated by the differences in overall sound techniques between the original and this updated version. As good as the original is, the whole texture and tone of this new mix is light years ahead and shows just how professional he has become in the lasy couple of years. So it goes without saying that Giugno 2008 is a very classy affair chock full of great sounds competing for your attention. It's almost six minutes will pass in what seems like a couple of seconds.

So did the sax survive the transition, I hear you ask?

It certainly did, fuller, raspier and more in your face than ever before, but there again it has a lot of competition to contend with. Every single sound has obviously been treated with care and it shows but its the overall feel that counts and that is where this version scores big. Trance, but not as we know it Jim. I do advise you to approach this track the same way I did, original first; this version second. It's a wonderful insight into the technical developement of an artist as well as being a scorching track in its own right. And that sax deserves a medal.

F******** wonderful. MUST HAVE.

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