Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fluidity - SixOne9

Hear The Track Here

Like a lot of Soundclick regulars I think I have probably become way too familiar with New Zealand based rock musician John Paul Carroll (aka Fluidity). So much so that when I found myself reviewing a Largo track just lately I actually made the comparison that it sounded a bit like Fluidity. Which just goes to show how long this artist has been around rocking out with the best of them. I first encountered him with This Time (January 2006), a light breezy track that certainly displayed much fluidity and established a sound that this artist has honed and honed ever since. Earning himself more than a few dedicated fans in the process including yours truly.

I have a lot of admiration for the way this excellent rock musician has branched out in every way since those early tracks, and his tracks can be relied to deliver the requisite punch. 'Ultimate punk metal' says a comment about the track and I find myself nodding in agreement to that. It certainly as powerful as any performance you have heard from this artist, but encased in a wonderful wall of sound, with some of the best rock drums I have ever heard from this artist.

The fly in the ointment, as always with Fluidity tracks, is with lyrics and vocals. John Paul isn't the most coherent of vocalists and reading the lyrics is usually a must, but on this track he has even surpassed his usual self. None of which, I might add, detracts from the power of the track one jot. Sure it will be argued that Fluidity is an acquired taste but I have always found him to be an intelligent songwriter and musician and despite small niggles with the vocals, SixOne9 is every bit what I expect from this musician. It also shows just how good home produced rock can sound when you pay attention to it.

Recommended Antipodean (look it up, ya lazy dogs) rock.

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