Wednesday, October 08, 2008

-LMS- - Halve-KNotz: Mind Over Body

Hear The Track Here

Miami based producer/rapper -LMS- (Last Man Standing seeing as ya asked) has managed to carve himself a slice of Soundclick with his distinctive hiphop; intelligent, vinbrant vocals and some very juicy collabs with other artists and beatmakers. When I first met him with Crow Flyin' (April 2006) I gave him a bit of a hard time about the music track but the rap itself had made a very good impression on me. Over the last two years LMS has been refining what he does and the results are tons of Hihgly Recommended and at least one Must Have track; The End Of The World (December 2007). Not bad going at all, especially considering that it is prime hiphop, a genre I am unusually hard on. Probably because its a genre I have much respect for, don't like to see it abused I guess.

Not much chance of that these days with LMS at the wheel. At this atge of the game, he has his production method down so its a given that any track will have the same sound quality as any other. Here, at last, is a rapper who knows better than to step all over the backing track. That experience means that LMS can finally let his really excellent rap skills live and breathe, his previous tracks being the proof. If you have come across LMS before, you either like what he does or not, but that would be down to genre preference rather than anything LMS is doing wrong. This is a guy who knows what he wants to sound like, and consistently reaches it,

Mind Over Body is right down the line typical LMS fayre; an interesting and varied musical track and a rap that flows, although not everything in the garden is rosy. As good as the backing is - and there are no notes on this on the webpage - after a few plays it did start to sound repetitive to me. Of course, the solid rap happening on top of it does obscure it for some time but - for my money - it just didn't do enough to prop up the rap. Even so, you'd be hard pressed to find better rap/hiphop than LMS on Soundclick and that sure counts for something.

Highly Recommended hiphop.

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