Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tedd-Z - The Pheasant Has No Agenda

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Tedd-Z is one of those artists who seem to have been around forever, pop up every once a while to baffle, confuse and - at times enlighten us with their music. Seeing as I have history with Tedd-Z then going back a few years, it certainly gives me the right to pull his wings off if he gets too cocky innit? Still, don't have to do that with this guy that often because he has learned extremely well what works for him and what doesn't. The last year in particular has been a great year for class Tedd-Z track including his first Must Have from me. The reason it is his first is because Tedd-Z's musical style tends to veer like a drunken spider. Not exactly the most accessible artist on the block.

Still once you get used to that style, as I obviously have, you begin to see Tedd-Z in a different light. I think ol' Tedd is beginning to mellow with age because compared to some of his earlier releases The Pheasant Has No Agenda is positively commercial, as have been most of his latest releases. God (and Tedd) knows the vocals in this track are about because I have no clue what it might be about - and probably nothing whatsoever to do with the legendary Glorious 12th (a UK tradition when rich people go out and massacre hundreds of defenseless birds).

Ahhhh, don't be saying anything nasty now...

Where Tedd's work has changed most markedly is his attention to production detail and sound fidelity, and The Pheasant carries on that fine tradition. Regardless of what the music is, the sound of this track is exactly right; meaty where it needs to be and light enough for a dusting on top. The track is driven by an absolutely ferocious bassline that nails you between the eyes about forty seconds in, and never lets go. Hanging off this muscular frame is the usual Tedd sound fukry including some great glitch noises and the obligatory wander into wtf land. 'Seek out the chalky dust in the love salad' a voice exhorts you as you gaze dumbfounded at what one unrestrained Tedd can do to your wits.

Excellent, glitchy electronica with a dash of wtf. Highly Recommended.

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