Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The SolitaireOne - Memories Of Yesterday

Hear The Track Here

Soundclick is a giant music store, you can find any kind of music on there and most of it for free. Yeah but, you may moan, its free because its crap, right? Wrong. Dead wrong. As any reader of these reviews will acknowledge some of it is downright astonishing, and even the more normal stuff has heart, soul and character. Take, for example, Blues Rock a genre that many dispatched to the dustbin of history after the last phase of it during the early 1970's, and in some cases rightly so. However, I got my very first musical education in this genre and I've had a high regard for it ever since. Its nice to see it find a home on Soundclick and The SolitaireOne has become one of its prime exponents.

Memories Of Yesterday is exactly that if you go by the sound. Solidly based in the late 1960's I'd say that this artist has nailed the period detail like nobody's business. The thin, weedy electric guitar sound is absolutely right on the money even though I wouldn't advise it for any other track but this one. The overriding impression I am left of the track is an incredible amalgm of several strands of 1960's pop/R&B scene circa 1966/7. On that level then, the production is amazing although, once again, I don't think I'd be saying that in any other context than this.

While I was listening to this though and through, hundreds of influences kept hitting me; from the chord progression, the vocal style, the arrangement - fekkin everythiing. Having more than a few plays under my belt I am now able to seperate some of it. The opening 2-4 guitar figure is definitely akin to Spencer Davis Group's Keep On Running, some of the lead guitars are pure CSN and the vocal style is a combination of Eric Burdon and a million others. I mention Eric Burdon (of The Animals a seminal 60's band) in particular because there is one section of this track that gives the whole game away. I recognised the chord progression straight away but couldn't fit it to any track but then when I heard this from around the 2:44 mark it became so obvious it made me smile. It's a dead ringer for House Of The Rising Sun, but don't let that stop you, this is a great listen anyway.  Excellent nod of respect to the Golden Age.

Highly Recommended and MUST HAVE for 60's fans.

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