Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Peach Tree - A Perception of Change (Understanding)

Hear The Track Here

Regular readers will already be aware of the history between The Peach Tree and myself and I see no need to go into it again here. Needless to say, The Peach Tree (an Australian one man band) took the criticism on the chin and went right on cooking with gas. In my world, that says a lot about the seriousness of the musician we are dealing with. Having been at the sharp end of many negative reviews myself I know how disheartening that can be, and what it takes to persevere. So, not only has this artist done that, but now he's swtiched direction on us and is coming from an entirely different place.

Experimental electronica, no less.

Now having dealt with ACRES of this kind of stuff over at Soundclick, I also know how difficult it is to rate and - in some extreme cases - even understand wtf is going on. Nonetheless, over the years I have developed a fairly good ear for cacaphonia and I can usually spot the track that is that little bit different. Surprisingly enough, when I first heard A Perception of Change, my spirits plummeted as I envisaged what I would have to write about this - at first glance - rather noisy track. Ah, but this is experimental electronica we are talking about here and as The Peach Tree points out in this track 'Perception is skewed...'

Bet your sweet bippy, whatever that means.

The thing about this kind of music, I have found, is that if you listen to it over an extended period the best tracks show all kinds of hidden depths that can't be seen without knowing the peice. While Perception has some of the chaotic feel of some of this artists earlier work, in a track like this its an essential ingredient and IMHO, the reason why the track works so well. As I say, you will have to devote a fair bit of time to prising this bad boy out of its shell but it is worth it.

Excellent, and surprising sidestep. Highly Recommended experimental electronica.

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