Sunday, October 19, 2008

David Orrick - Acrobat - radio edit

Hear The Track Here

As you know film soundtracks and I don't get on well and when I first encountered Soundclick's David Orrick those two words sent shivers down my spine, for that is exactly what he aspired to make. Good job that the music didn't sound that way though as Viral Storm (September 2007) and Portland Avenue (April 2008) showed. Viral Storm in particular being a nine minute peice that kept my interest throughout and that - believe me - is a hard thing to do. I have also encountered his Burble & Pine personna with March Of The Truffles (March 2008) also a remarkable peice of music and none of which IMHO tainted by the term soundtrack. Each of these tracks got a highly recommended from me and each of them was capable of standing on its as a class peice of music - whatever your preference.

While Acrobat is billed on Soundclick as a David Orrick track, it is in fact made by yet another personna; this time a collaboration with someone called Ricky J - both musicians hailing from the UK btw. Known collectively as Hedwerk who seem to be attracting some VERY heavy duty action if their MySpazz page is to be believed. Still I am, as ever, the deepest cynic you are ever likely to meet so... The music is what ultimately counts and there I do trust David to come up with the goods, even when said goods happen to be in a genre that gives me even more grief that film soundtracks. yep, you guessed it, Acrobat can only have been a trance track.

Does this never end?? :)

If I had gone by the intro to the track, I would have binned it somewhere in the first minute because it is - in every respect - the kind of thing I would run a mile from, no matter how well produced it is. The first thing that YOU may notice (not having the huge predjudices I suffer) is that this track sounds about as commercially viable as it is possible to get; a tough, wide screen epic that gives your ears a very vigorous workout. At the heart of the track though, is a beautifully rendered song that has more musical references back to the sounds of '80's electropop than any trance track I've heard lately. Admittedly it took me a while to get this track but - as the track states - 'I'm working it out' and this has become one of my favourite tracks of the moment. Give it the same amount of time and this will grow on you too, that much I am certain of. Great song.


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