Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Art Nada - 2012

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One of the more weirder corners of Soundclick is a petrie dish of all things odd, weird and plain just out there. It goes without saying that Pilesar (one of Soundclick's prime exponent of wtf music) is right in there and in fact Chameleon Dish Archives (the corner we are discussing here) is Pilesar's own record label. The list of stablemates contain some very well know names such as Mandible, the enigmatic Freck Scroggs, Mosquito Death Squadron, Bookfair, Pulord and - of course Art Nada. The common factor in all of these affairs is Pilesar; either as a member or as a label executive (a bit of a posh term in this respect). So best to be wary of both the label and its 17 artists folks because, believe me, it doesn't come much weirder than this.

Wtf music, yeah I quite like that.

Certainly goes a long way towards describing what to expect from a label whose latest release is The Antennaheadz latest works. Nuff said. 2012, which btw carries a Parental Advisory (?) sees Art Nada as a three peice: Karakul (guitar, bass, loops), Pilesar (percussion, keys, vox, lyrics, toy recorder) and the equally enigmatic Mysterioso (bass, vox). Now as out there as some of CDA's material is, I do like the musical side of Pilesar (in whatever guise) and I automatically presumed that this line up suggested something along the lines of his live material.

It's nice to have a track that lends itself to the listener being able to scream 'you guys f****** suck!!' as its playing, and Art Nada even supply that very sample for you. If you want a musical reference, the best I can do is point you in the region of The Residents or even Frank Zappa and The Mothers Of Invention, and both of those at their most experimental into the bargain. God know's what the vocal is all about, except its appears to be some kind of restaurant loudspeaker commentary and - in places - laugh out loud funny. Both of the aforementioned references set the template that Pilesar, Art Nada and indeed the whole of Chameleon Dish Archives are busily attempting to smash to peices.  Approach with the greatest of caution. 

Musical lunacy. Highly Recommended you like the weird and wonderful.

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