Sunday, October 26, 2008

Minimack - $Dro and Drank$

Hear The Track Here

OK, I just got to get this off my chest, so give me a minute. What is the deal with rappers not writing out and publishing their raps? All other songwriters I know (and rap IS a song form regardless of what it sounds like) are only to willing to post lyrics with their work. One of the reason that hiphop rap has been a favourite genre of mine for such a long time is because I love the way the best rappers get on top of their subject, spitting out machine gun spatters of meaningful lyrics and ratcheting up the excitement of the whole. Most of my own hiphop favourites are tracks that either tell a particularly intriuging story or are - in some way - musically special.

Minimack (or Minimack Productions whichever you prefer) is an artist I reviewed once before and although I seem to have liked the song and its spirited delivery there were some things that stopped me being completely sold on it. The same thing applies on Dro and Drank (supply your own $ because I'm a well known skinflint), the overall effect is good, but the individual elements could do with some adjustment. Musical track, in this case coming from our old friends Sinima Beats (who don't they supply beats to?) and if I've raved about these beatmakers before you haven't heard anything yet. This is - by far - the best Sinima Beats track I have heard yet; and if the middle eight (kinda/sorta) breakdown is also part of the original track then it's a bloody masterpeice.

'A literal banger that is loaded with power' Minimack states in the song comments and I can only agree wholeheartedly. Where the track falls down, IMHO, is first of all with the tone of the track itself. It seems to have been cut with lots of top and middle and that causes a bit of a problem with lyrical legibility, and it cuts down on the tracks overall impact too. In terms of performance again Minimack shows that he knows what he is doing, this track has an insanely catchy rhythm that he straddles and works as if to the manner born. However, right around 2:20 the magic kicks in and for the next couple of minutes Dro and Drank shows exactly how much power can be pumped into a simple hiphop track. Personally, I'd prefer a remastered version with a little more attention to tone and legibility but hey this will do in the meantime.

Slightly flawed but oh so kickass hiphop rap. Highly Recommended and MUST HAVE if you enjoy the genre.

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