Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Kay'Vion - Artist Overview

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First track out of the review bag this month is, in fact, a holdover from last month. If I was ever in doubt about opening up my review blog, this year has certainly dispelled those doubts. Not only is the blog picking up readers but the bucketload, I'm also getting a lot more requests for reviews from it. So KayVion sent me (Ed: actually Crystal did but lets not muddy the water any more) a bunch of tracks from his latest album and although I don't generally do this, I thought what the hey - it's my blog, I can do as I damn well please. KayVion is a hiphop artist from the state of Virginia USA, and judging by the quality of the tracks I have heard is well poised to profit from a professional career. However, as of right now, you can get in at the ground floor and download the tracks I am going to talk about at the artists own site.

Regular readers will not be surprised when I say there is a sector of hiphop I really don't like. I call it chick rock (sorta like chick-lit if you will); sweet, syrupy, gushy love songs with accompanying sick-making plinky music. Pushing Back definitely settled into that state immediately. Then the second track, a remix/rework of Olivia Newton John's classic Let's Get Physical pressed yet another hate switch; cover versions. Not looking good for Kay'Vion you might think as the sound of knife sharpening reaches a crescendo. Well, we would be dining on finely diced KayVion right now except remember what I said in the first paragraph? (OK, for ****'s sake go back and read it!). See, I can forgive any amount of personal predjudice if a) the artist approach the chick rock from a unique angle and b) if you are going to do a cover version, at least have the talent and foresight to make it your own and not some pale imitation. In both cases, KayVion comes up smelling of roses; as sweet and cloying as Pushing Back is its also a wonderfully arranged and produced ballad of the highest order.

Let's Get Physical, let's face it a REAL hard track to cover, only suffers slightly because I so loved the original. KayVion gives it a much softer, more musical feel, the vocals in particular lend themselves to the arrangement. Hand on heart, I couldn't swear that this floated my boats but huge respect for getting it mostly right. If I had to chose a GOOD cover of this track, this would be right up there. Again, both tracks show an incredible grasp of production and presentation so either KayVion IS this good, or he has some very professional help. Truth To Be Told is both the title track from his album and the last track I got from this artist. I'm real glad I listened to them in this order because it's a case of saving the best for last. Seriously Truth To Be Told is a wonderful peice of soft hiphop showcasing the understated, but very effective, vocal style KayVion brings to the party. Definitely, and beyond all shadow of a doubt, aimed squarely at the female of the species, I am certain they would lap this up in droves. Me, I stand in awe of this young man's achievement. Very fine music indeed. Girls!! HE is here :)

MUST HAVE for ladies and Highly Recommended musically.

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