Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Legendary Fred Miller - The Evil Eye

Hear The Track Here

First out of the box this month is The Legendary Fred Miller, who has become something of a fixture to my review lists since I first gave him crap while reviewing A Light In The Darkness (September 2007). Since then I've reviewed a good many of this artists tracks and, much to my amazement, have become quite fond of this lo-fi, low key artist. As I've said countless times before TLFM is bound to be something of a personal taste, you would have to like folk-rock for a start and that is way beyond most people's tolerances.

Basic is the word we have to apply here, Fred would be the first to put his hand up and say that his arrangements are pretty much standard, It is what he does with it that marks him out from from his peers. It's a fact that you are not going to hear anything quite like Fred Miller vocally and this track is a classic example of what he does with his throat bits. Fred is joined on The Evil Eye by son Timothy who co-wrote the song and also supplies some of the vocals so your task is to spot who is Fred and who is non-Fred.

It''ll keep you off the streets at least.

The Evil Eye is essentially a blues rock track and cleaves pretty much to the standard, except for some excellent blues tinged piano licks that - for my tastes - definitely helped to get the whole feel of the track across. Nothing a piano trill to gladden the heart, doncha know. One thing I have come to know about Fred is that always, no matter what the genre is, he will deliver an actual song with a singable chorus. Well it is a singable chorus if you can sing pitched down near your boots...but that's a small point.

Fred Miller. Highly Recommended oddity.

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