Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Cam's Even Song - Waking up the Dawn

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Previously my Artist Of The Year 2006, Cameron Bastedo (aka Cam's Even Song) continues to uphold that hefty title with admirable aplomb. His blend of superior songwriting skills with look-how-easy-this-sounds music has singled him out as one of the very best (ie well rounded) musicians on Soundclick, and by far one of the most respected. Of course, a lot of that has to be down to his presence on Soundclick as a long-time reviewer and one of the leading members of this small community for a long time. That's why we are all able to insult him so freely. He's a part of the furniture. He's had more Must Haves and Highly Recommended's from me than just about any other Soundclick artist.

It would be fair to say I am genuinely fond of his work.

For the most part, I've always found Cam's work tremendously uplifting, especially when he's in his Biblical Dylan mode as I've mentioned a time or two (Ed: yeah, that's why we made a template of the phrase). Stylistically, Cam weaves a path between the Beatles and Bob Dylan and all points south, which I suspect is also the secret of his success. Happy music, know what I mean. On Waken up the Dawn Cam goes back in time to a much more whimisical musical age (ie the late 1960's) and that suits me just fine.

S'funny but the first time I heard this I found it jarring and that isn't usual. In retrospect I think it is because Waken up the Dawn is a musical Love Child conceived in that Golden Age, After a couple of plays though, you forget that initial 'eeeww twee' response and recognise the track for what it is. Another solid reminder that Cam's Even Song can tap into this very fruitful song pile with an ease that is sickening. If you like good, well performed pop rock in the grand tradition then Cam's Even Song awaits your pleasure.

Highly Recommended. Terrific song.

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