Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Sugar Dames - Enough For You

Hear The Track Here

My last track for review this month is a personal pick and not for the obvious reasons. Regular readers - on clicking the link above - will probably sigh and mumble something about me being 'at it' again. I admit that I like things of beauty (Ed: yes, he does mean women this time) and I ventured on to the Sugar Dames site because I saw their image on Soundclick's front page. The music, I freely admit, was a mere spectator to my baser desires. Anyway, if the image hadn't have got me, the tag 'Melodic, Sultry, Soothing, Rock, Sexy' would have done and at this point, I think I rest my case...

and my dirty old man raincoat.

As well as a striking image, it took me all of say ten seconds to realise that all this was just eye candy, LISTEN to the track. I am an absolute sucker for sultry female vocals, they are my favourite kind to work with in my own musical sphere, and they are my favourite to listen to - especially when trying to wind down. The Sugar Dames feature two, ideally suited to work together. I have to admit to a preference to the main vocal which sends shivers down my spine, a world class vocalist, displayed to perfection on the two tracks presently resident on their Soundclick page. Of course, I'd be wrapping up the review at this point if that was all there was to this excellent Alternative artist.

The Sugar Dames just happen to be crack songwriters too, and in a very modern, intense way that perfectly complements their style. As the vocalist in this track sings 'am I enough for you?', yes, yes and yes. All joking aside, Enough For You is an absolutely diamond song, delivered in such a way you just know it could be a massive hit in the (obviously blind and deaf) Real World. In this case beauty and musical brains make for a very potent combination, especially (so it now appears) to reviewers of the male gender (that's me.) Don't let the looks fool you, these ladies are deadly serious.

Killer Alternative. MUST HAVE. (Please can we have some more, mistresses??)

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