Monday, May 12, 2008

Would you please stop talking - Artist Overview

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For the first time in many years, my Soundlcick review signup was well slow this month, so much so that some cheeky chappies even came back and asked for more!! Yeah, you may well look shocked. Such manners. Still when you are young and full of sap (Ed: as opposed to old, wrinkly and full of bile, you mean?) I guess that's what happens. So I did download the first track Would you please stop talking asked me to review and then thought sod it, why not and then downloaded the other. Ahhhh, this is where you should all applaud and say what a nice man I am.


Fine. Glad we cleared that up. Would you..etc (crazy name!) are a new artist to me, from NYC and appear to have been around Soundclick for a while. Not my fault, I say, SC is a huge site and there is NO way I can hear everybody. Folk is the genre and the first track up Space MWT is almost exactly what I expected, albeit with that very distinct New York edge.The real problem about reviewing acoustic/folk tracks is that there is only so much you can say about how a guitar can be rendered into digital sound. Even with its roughness and sub-Lou Reed vocals Space has all the makings of a good song and is a surprisingly easy listen.

Not what I expected at all.

Having whetted my critical whistle (Ed: why does that sound so disturbing?) Never Really Mine (MWT) doused whatever excitement I was harbouring in my puny chest. As a folky song about venal, unscrupulous politicians (Elliot Spitzer in this case) it's good in it's Bob Dylan sound but extremely basic in every other respect. Fine if you like material like this, but it isn't anywhere strong enough to pull itself up and out of there. I am never one to be swayed by the way people get their music to my ears because I know how difficult it can be to come up with good stuff on a shoe string. On that level, Would you please stop talking has some decent songwriting skills going on, and an understated musical style but I fear most people want a lot more than that.

Lo-fi but workmanlike folk tracks. Recommended if you like the genre.

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