Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Alchemystic - Machines Of Madness

Hear The Track Here

The Alchy One has been threatening to drop a new tune on me for a while and, true to his word, Machines Of Madness thumped into my inbox a while ago. I suppose I shouldn't really complain because this has been a very, very quiet year for this electronica artist so far - at least reviewwise. I reviewed Dark Omen (March 2008), which seemed to show a very different artist from where he started. Again, though, he has always been known for stretching himself and on that track it certainly paid off, which made this new track all the more alluring...

Machines Of Madness is billed as Electronica: Noise which is not all that far from his usual stomping ground and is a 'droning ambient noisescape' according to Merlin er, I mean Alchemystic. So, let me press this big red button that says START and see where we end up. Your intrepid reporter is here to tell you that by one minute or so I was ready, willing and able to run away from such insane madness and by two minutes or more I was biting my own tongue.
Imagine there is a key in your back, and it is attached to your central nervous system. Listening to this track tightens that key like you wouldn't f****** believe, if you are not screaming for release by the time The Doctor makes a kinda/sorta appearance (Ed: I think he is referring to the Tardis noise being used there) then you are obviously not of humankind and are - in fact - a Machine of Madness. Did I like it? Well, what do you think? As noise, it is excellent, as relaxation its rubbish. So industrial you'll need goggles and a hardhat. Good if you like working in a factory manufacturing giant noisemakers.

Interesting diversion though, O Alchemical One. Now. get back to work ;)

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