Sunday, May 18, 2008

Paul n Mack - Tearing Up My Heart

Hear The Track Here

Although I have never heard of Paul n Mack, I do recognise one of their alter egos, Mr Saturn, as being a regular Soundclick forum poster so obviously they are not that new. There is only one track on their Soundclick page and they say 'our only completed demo to date. Not the best recording quality, but listenable'. Always makes me smile a bit, comments like that. See, I've heard EVERYTHING and its amazing how much people add caveats to their work here, there and everywhere. Believe me people, it's like gunfighters - there is ALWAYS going to be somebody who is worse than you, take it from one who knows...

Now there's a cheery thought eh?

Tearing Up My Heart is billed as Pop Rock which is always a useful area for me, even though I catch **** from the purists for doing so. I like a good tune, with lyrics and a chorus you can sing along to. It brightens up the day, ya know? Mind you, there is a world of difference between what we in the UK and Europe define as pop and what our brothers and sisters in America define as Pop. A lot of American pop is based solidly on a rock (and I do mean rock) base and, as such, doesn't always sit too well this side of the pond (Ed: I think he means on the cheese-eater side of the Atlantic Ocean) and my first impression of Tearing Up My Heart did show me a very US-centric idea of 'pop-rock'. I do, however, ask you to give this track a bit of time to settle around your ears.

It's a grower, as they used to say when I were but a lad....

See once you get past that initial impression, this is a track that is pop in one sense. It comes from the school of pop made famous by bands such as 10cc (whose style this reminds me a bit of) although it's considerably rockier than anything from this side of the ocean. Shame the lyrics aren't online because I think they are as good as the music and the music is very good indeed, especially after the two minute point with some great backing vocal arrangements. Yes, the recording is somewhat wooly, and the vocals a bit dull but the raw material is most definitely there and I urge Paul n Mack to get something else online - and quick!

Excellent rock pop song. Rough but still Highly Recommended.

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