Friday, May 09, 2008

Cameron Pierce - Red Rover (Penny's Song)

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Cameron Pierce needs no introduction to regular readers (hi mum!) and Soundclick veterans. This Canadian pop rock artist has a HUGE list of great tracks to prove his popularity. Musically one of the most likeable artists around, his music snatches you up in its arms and demands its own sense of giddiness. The kind of music that The Beatles forged the template of. In the case of Red Rover, the ultimate culprit would have to be Paul McCartney because he would be the only one strong enough (or bold enough for that matter) to resist the caterwauling when he gets his sentimental mode on.

Gushy? O Yaay, a flood is a-comin'

See, the subject matter of this particular song is a childhood friendship and it's done so well it didn't make me cringe once. No. Really. OK, admitttedly I had my teeth clenched through the whole experience as if I had lockjaw, a talent I adopted - I might add - having spent a lifetime listening to Sir Lord McCartney Sir. So, while the subject matter shudders on the edge of respectability, the music is it's usual brisk, efficient self; yet another sign of this artists growing maturity.

Hand on heart, I can't say this is one of Cameron's finer moments technically. The drums are a bit overdone - especially in the intro, and some of those chord changes I found odd. Everything else though was just as I've come to expect from this artist; excellent sound, performance and an intelligent arrangement. Fact is, Red Rover is unashamedly commercial and taps right into the whole 'yesterday' thing. As such in the Real World this WOULD get noticed because - when all is said and done - it's a blinding song. I say that knowing I am defending a weepie of the first order but hey.....respect. Know what I mean?

Class Cameron. Slightly flawed but knockout song nonetheless. Highly Recommended pop rock.

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