Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A New Left - Copasetic (Feat. Ten Fold)

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A New Left is a new name to me, but obviously not to Soundclick judging by the amount of plays and views this artist has. Mind you, one of the biggest areas of Soundclick's activities is hip hop and even though I've reviewed a great many musician/producers working in this genre, it's just too big to get around in any meaningful way. A New Left seems to be one guy (in this case joined by Ten Fold obviously), can't find any more information other than he is 24 years old and from New Jersey USA.

Now obviously what matters here are the beats and the flow of the rap, so it's pretty much a given that whatever musical accompaniment there is will be sparse and often repetitive. It isn't true of all tracks in this genre but it certainly true for the majority. It is true of Copasetic to a certain extent but what A New Left do with it somehow makes it appealing enough that listening a few times isn't that hard a chore. What saves it, as usual, is the rap between A New Left and Ten Fold with the former scoring mucho points in my books.

No matter what you do with hip hop these days you can bet the influence of Dr Dre will pop up somewhere, and lo here it is. It doesn't have the punch and snappy riffs of course, but it certainly does a workmanlike job especially when supporting the rap which means the greater part of the track. For my money, as good as the rap was, the track just needed more life and definition in the beats which became a bit of a plod once you'd heard the track a few times.

Nonetheless, worth checking out if you like the genre.

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