Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rude Corps - More Orchestral Film Crap

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I do like a man who speaks plainly and I have no doubt that in this title Rude Corps speaks to a lot of convinced ears. Now before all the Soundclick film composers get their panties in a bunch with that last remark let me qualify it. I am sure I am not alone in disliking soundtracks (outside of the whole film experience) and can't really see the point in them. When, however, they are written as peices of music that then become soundtracks, the experience is a lot more satisfying. If you think I sound confused now, just wait a minute. I have found lots of good composers on Soundclick who happen to make soundtracks but I would never - in a million years - have said that our favourite anarchist would be doing a John Williams on us.

See, isn't life interesting?

After the string of alternative tracks Rude Corps have delivered this past year or so, it seems odd that he should delve into this kind of thing, but surprisingly enough, it's definitely a reasonable track for the genre. Aaah, but what about the rest of us musical philistines who think that the title is accurate? Well come on, t'ain't that bad. There is a bit of a mismatch between the cello and the main strings that I personally found a bit off putting but the structure and flavour of the track was definitely all there.

So what it comes down to is the usual thing, personal opinion. Me, I prefer the fire-breathing, radical sound of Rude Corps but that's my choice. Yes, I did like listening to this as part of the review process but - when all is said and done - this is not a genre I would rummage in for aural gems. As an exercise, I'd say Rude Corps shouldn't hang his head in shame (other than making some more....- insert title) because there is nothing whatsoever wrong with this track; it has atmosphere and it builds well as you would expect from the genre. If he does this genre again, there is sufficient meat on this track to make me listen to another - under duress of course.

Not what it says on the tin. Recommended Film Music.

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