Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jabba James - Artist Overview

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I try and avoid the fashion contest that is called Myspace but, every once in a while someone will direct me that way and I usually find the visit worthwhile. I got an email from a fan of Jabba James a while ago asking me to check him out. Usually I don't but something about the email caught my eye, the email stated 'he's a session musician at abbey road'. Abbey Road Studios is right around the corner from where I live so it's obvious I had to check it out and I'm glad I did, so thanks Billy for the heads up!

There are only streamed 'taster' tracks on Jabba's page but there's more than enough there to show you why this guy is already signed up to a label and well on the road to commercial success. 'Jabba James is on a mission to bring melody back to the beats' boasts the webpage and - for once - it actually means what it says, all of the four taster tracks convey a marked pop sensibilty both in performance and production.

Coming from one of the UK's great musical cities (Bristol seeing as you asked) can only have helped. I know the city and know just how high the local bar can often be - and I'm not referring to the falling down kind of bar. Jabba's musical style seems to stretch over a few genres too, although the main root is rock when all is said and done. Personally, I like artists whose musical approach is positive and energetic and Jabba James is certainly that. btw, I'd recommend you at least listen to Make A Little Smile, if not all four.

Excellent UK Pop. Well worth a listen.

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