Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Eric Chiryoku - Silent Wind

Hear The Track Here

A few years ago when I was hanging out regularly at the original POP site, the name of Eric Chiryoku was bandied about with great regularity. Knowing the calibre of artist The Gathering had attracted, I wasn't surprised at some of the intense praise heaped at his feet; this is a different world to many other websites. Unfortunately, at the time, I only got to hear Eric work on some collabs so I guess this is the very first time I've had him all to myself - as it were. Just for the record, Eric is a New Age instrumentalist and while New Age is not my idea of musical heaven, a professional and experienced track definitely is.

Nirvana buddy.

'Whenever I’m frustrated and down, I like to reach out for the wind for it brings warmth and calm to my heart. Close your eyes and you can even hear the beauty of its sound....' Eric says in the song comments and I'd say that is probably the best way to approach this track. Certainly if you are a fan of the aforementioned professional and experienced track, this is everything you would have expected. Music played with great style and emotional content, enhanced by a mix so clean and clear, it's balm to the ears. Which is what it is supposed to do, I guess.

As I say, I've never been a fan of the style but I am more than willing to admit that Eric Chiryoku is an excellent musician in every respect. The main weight of the track is carried by a perfectly rendered piano, aided to perfection by the occasional dab of cello and light strings. All very tasteful in fact. When I am looking for something to chill out to this is the kind of track I would automatically reach for, dramatic without being overblown, pretty without being sugary or sweet. The kind of track, in fact, that should be taken seriously because there is certainly a serious and intelligent musician behind it.

Elegant and gentle New Age. Highly Recommended.

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