Monday, May 12, 2008

MD-1 Project - Altered States

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'Most of my tracks are on the dark side' says Ricky Mancini (aka MD-1 Project) completely forgetting that they are also a bit on the wack side, a bit on the 'ow me ears' side, a bit wtf and even a bit on the side. Arguably MP3 Unsigned's most famous denizen, MD-1 Project specialises in what I like to refer to as electronica fukry, the kind of stuff that messes with your head as well as your ears. As I've said before, his music can be hard to take (especially if you have a dislike of the genre anyway) but the one thing you will find is that is a wholly different experience.

Good or bad is your choice.

As the man himself says, he tends to experiment and isn't one for playing safe and that itself can often lead to confusion as indeed it did in past reviews. From the get go, Altered States is not the harsh, hard and abrasive MD-1 Project of a couple of years ago, in fact Altered States is a very, very likeable track. Yes it is electronica and even a wee bit hip hop but arranged and presented in a way that keeps you listening to see what is coming up next, not to mention where the chatty geezer who takes centre stage is going with his lecture.

The track can almost be split into two peices, because about 2/3 of the way through it gathers pace and changes direction very smartly, morphing into an almost world music peice. I think I mentioned before that Ricky's collaboration with Melinda Mohn (Stella Polaris Project) seemed to have toned down some his wilder style so it would be interesting to know just when this track came about; before or after? Whatever it is, I like this track a lot, its a clever arrangement and even though it comes in just under six minutes I doubt whether any of it would be wasted. This is an excellent, different electronica track and it isn't often I get to say that.

Highly Recommended Electronica blend. MUST HAVE for fans (and me).

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