Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mark Holley - Wonder Why (Feat, Joseph Rodriguez)

Hear The Track Here

I've known of Mark Holley, an MP3 Unsigned based songwriter for a couple of years but, sad to say, I haven't heard anything new from him for a while. Most of the tracks I have reviewed, I haven't particularly liked the style but there is no denying that the man knows what he is doing, and that ultimately if you like a good song, tastefully delivered then he can by relied on to supply that. Whatever you might think of the style. He is also Mr Collaboration over on that site working with Dawn Sinclair , Mark Alexander, Joseph Rodriguez and Dan Peck to name but a few I have reviewed.

No wonder he's got no time for new stuff :)

Going off a tangent for a moment, I've just been watching Amazing Journey, a documentary about The Who and was struck yet again how timeless those songs are. Mark Holley is that kind of songwriter and I mean that as the compliment it sounds. Although we've never seen eye to eye about material, the quality and presentation is always first rate; as is this track. As with all good songwriters, lyrics are an essential part of the mix and this is one artist whose lyrics should also be read as well as heard.

Helps with the understanding, ya know.

I reviewed the original Wonder Why in August 2006 and wasn't EXACTLY knocked out by it, even though I was technically. In the meantime the aforementioned Joseph Rodriguez sent some guitar licks to Mark which he then mixed into the original track, added various other things and remixed the whole thing. If I hadn't already known that the guitar parts were added, I wouldn't have been able to tell and I guess that's also a compliment (Ed: and that's quite enough of that...pick holes!). Looking back through the original review I wrote 'on a more reflective note, whenever I hear a track of this quality, it's a given that - sooner or later - something WILL come up that I can feel right about raving about' Well, guess what, this is it. Excellent.

Highly Recommended classic rock song.

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