Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pidgeman - Let Go (Free Your Mind)

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Craig Matthews (aka Pidgeman) is an MP3 Unsigned artist you will be familiar with if you are a regular reader, and lets face it if you are not then I am talking to myself and that doesn't even bear thinking about. Having come from a lifetime of real world music, I have found I have developed a specific ear for what is right according to that world. It's why, I think, I am sometimes over-harsh with internet musicians and Pidgeman has suffered a couple of bouts of that but hey it's all about learning... Having said that, his last track - I Don't Know (What You Want) (April 2008) was very decent indeed and well worth a listen.

Rock is what we are talking about here, and shades of classic rock at that, which is what I particularly like about I Don't Know and also - in some ways - why I liked this from the start. There again, as you know, I do like this genre enormously and Pidgeman dishes up a nice serving of crunchy guitars and decent rock vocals, Where it falls down IMHO is the level of separation of drums and bass from the fire works going on on top of them. For me, they should have carried a lot more of the weight of the track. It is, anyway, a bit of a quibble and probably only for mixheads...

Craig has shown - over the tracks I have reviewed - that he is a good songwriter and certainly knows how to put his ideas into action, even though the edges might be a bit rough, That's the way rock should be innit? Considering this is 'a song about taking risks and seizing opportunities', I'd say that's exactly what the song does, and comes up smelling pretty sweet for all that. If the experience of rock makes your heart pump a little faster you would do well to bend your ear in Pidgeman's direction...

Highly Recommended Rock song.

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