Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Largo - My Head

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So surprised was I to have been (forced, I tell you, forced) able to give a Must Have to Largo's Heal In Time (April 2008) you could have slapped me in a dress and called me Sally. Now maybe that doesn't seem to impressive to the more jaded palates out there but consider this for a second. The number of ballads I have given my ultimate rating to can be counted on my two hands, so it certainly means a lot more than most Must Haves. After all, I don't hate anything with the vehemence I reserve especially for the wet and weepy. It's not that I'm against showing tenderness and emotion in music, I'm all for it.

It's the cringe factor that does for the genre usually in my books.

Largo shows that emoting (not to mention drama and excitement) are not flash in the pans but a regular part of his act, at least judging by My Head, about as classy a rock song as I've heard this year - and that was my opinion as soon as I heard it and it hasn't changed much since. With it's Riders Of The Storm opening sequence and the absolutely knockout pin-you-to-the-walls guitar, My Head establishes its identity suprisingly quickly but I do urge you to do more than listen to this a couple of times. Every discerning rock collection (unsigned or otherwise) should have a copy of this.

As much as the rock setting appeals to me, as well as the extremely classy arrangement and the faultless instrumental and vocal performances, My Head gives you something more. The root of this tracks appeal (whatever genre usually floats your boats) lies in the song itself; a clever, complex but eminently appealing song about reaching out and giving/recieving love. Largo has always struck me as a typically American rock musician but you know what? It's style is definitely Antipodean rock in feel and, I don't know call me silly but - this sounds very like our old chum JP Carroll aka Fluidity and I mean that as a compliment too

MUST HAVE Rock song

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