Sunday, May 18, 2008

Big Wheel Remixes - That's Cool (Large Round Mix)

Hear The Track Here

I can't say I wouldn't be pleased if the Round One got off his butt and make an original track but in the meantime I will settle for this offshoot of his activities. Both of the BWR tracks I have come across so far have been excellent examples of the care and focus it takes to make a remix that is as valid as the original. Big Wheel knows this and he knows damn well I will go and check the original too beforehand so he slips me the address to Delario where the original resides. Delario is a hip hop rapper from Norway and is well worth listening to - especially if you want to hear something fresh in hip hop. If I were reviewing this track in it's own right I would be recommending it highly.

Which kinda fcuks Big Wheel, dunnit?

Stands to reason that if I got hot over the original (and I did, although Delario has better tracks than this one IMO) then Big Wheel is going to have to go some to do a remix that can follow it. To his eternal credit, he doesn't mess with the essential engine of the song, merely puts a slightly different spin on the way it works out. There is a classy, jazzy almost De La Soul sound going on in there too and in that respect this is a very different beast to the original.

I have to say that I do prefer the original, but I would anyway. That is not to denigrate what El Round Uno has achieved with this track because although it shares the hooks and highlights of the original, it comes out sounding much smoother, slicker. That's the whole point in remixing right there, and in that respect the Big Chees... (blush) Wheel succeeds splendidly. This is a kinda drums and bassy, slick hip hop jobbie that should do very well - in or out - of its genre. Be aware though that it does contain cussing and carries a Parental Advisory. Much as these reviews should eh?

Excellent remix of a very hot hip hop track. Highly Recommended.

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