Thursday, May 29, 2008

SilentWave Ent. - New World Order

Hear The Track Here

Being a Soundclick forum regular I am well aware of SilentWave Ent's many posts on there but this is the first time I think I have ever reviewed them. I had always assumed that they were from some gritty inner city area such as NYC, Chicago or the like. Instead I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were from the much more bucolic surroundings of South Wales here in the UK. OK, so maybe Newport/Cardiff and the like don't have the hip hop resonance of the American cities I mentioned but certainly the problems younger people have to deal with are the same - regardless of where you live.

Which is why, I suspect, I found New World Order so satisfying in many ways. See, to me hip hop has always been about communication and NOT about buff, bling and bitches, and it sounds from this track that SilentWave Ent understand that only too well. Although the UK is considerably smaller we are undergoing an upsurge in violence particularly between younger people; knives are a big, big problem here. I'm gald to see that not only do SilentWave take their music seriously, they take their message seriously too - hence the Parental Advisory. It is worth a listen for all that BECAUSE of what it says - especially to parents.

It's actually a gathering of rappers, including Soundclick's own Buzrk and surprisingly Lil Rascal (legal or otherwise). So, you are told the raps go: ZND VITAL, OD, B.Watts, Lil Rascal, Buzrk, Lil Rascal (again), Mojo and Buasi. The music is fairly typical fayre for the genre, it's the raps and the lyrics that make it work - which is why I mentioned them by name. It'll take more than a couple of plays to have the track register properly and it is plagued somewhat by a thin basic sound, but what lyrics I could make out definitely fitted what I would consider to be hip hop, whatever it actually sounded like. S'all about communication, after all.

Hip Hop that should be heard. Highly Recommended (despite small quibbles)

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