Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Solid Sounds - The Rescue

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Considering its relative size and population, the city of Sheffield in Northern England has played a massive part is creating and shaping the music we hear daily through millions of different bands amd sources. It had a huge influence in the early electronic scene through (obviously) The Human League Heaven 17, ABC, the Thompson Twins, Cabaret Voltaire and Autechre. Not bad for a city with only half a million people eh? It's nice to see the tradition kept up too because - surprisingly enough - Solid Sounds hail from that fair city too.

My, isn't this a small world?

The only (sizeable) fly in the ointment is that Solid Sounds and The Rescue are billed as (gulp) Trance and that's usually what the music does to me. Oh no, sorry, I don't mean trance, I mean catatonic coma. Yep, that's the one. I can usually understand it when you get off your face but as music to relax too, naaahh. Not too sure what's going on with the backstory to the track but it carries a vocal that simulates some kind of rescue mission, and indeed most of the usual disaster effects into the bargain.

Instrumentally, it's pretty basic but is recognisably a nice peice of electro-pop whimsy that fits in well with what I was trying to point out about the bands musical roots. Certainly it impels me to find out more and listen to some other tracks by this band so I guess it works in that way. So, upfront; can't stand the genre guv. Backstory: this is a neat example of basic electro-pop that is surprisingly listenable and it's only a whisker above three minutes. Gertcha!

Recommended Trance (Ed: now I've seen everything)

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