Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Iannai - Just Enough For Me

Hear The Track Here

This artists name has been ringing some furious bells with me but I have no idea why. I haven't, to my knowledge, reviewed any of his material before although I have noticed forum postings from him. Mmmm. Anyway, he's from the Northern US and is a Contemporary Christian/Pop musician. I always get a shudder down my spine with that particular word pairing (Christian and pop) and it has nothing to do with religious ecstacy. As you know, I have nothing whatsoever against this genre, in fact Cam - a master of the art - was my AOTY a couple of years ago. In my time, mind, I have heard some real horrors in the field too.

I think it scarred me for life.

Just Enough For Me promises to be smooth jazz and - I guess - it fulfills that promise very well. I noticed while downloading the file that the lyrics were 'added 15/02/08' so I was surprised that they weren't published online. Didn't make much more difference though because whoever is vocalising on this track understands one thing about their craft that most completely miss: enunciation. Now before you all go spazzing for the nearest dictionary, let me put you straight.

Singing. Words. Clearly.

As much as I usually dislike anything preceeded by a 'smooth' tag, Just Enough For Me is surprisingly listenable in a way that does the genre justice. OK so it's the smoother end of the pop/jazz spectrum more Stan Getz/Herb Alpert early 1960's stylee but the mix of vocals makes it much more appealing than it reads. I would hazard a guess and say that there are two vocalists on this track and it's that blend of voices that kept me listening even when the music paled - remember, I don't like the genre much. Needn't have worried any about the other things nagging at me either because this track is light and uplifting and not a sermon in sight. Just how I prefer my religion.

Smooooth as bbbbbbuuuttttteeeerrrr. Highly Recommended for the softer side.

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