Sunday, February 25, 2007

DJ ToxicKlay - Monolithic Filter

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No matter what happens, I always try to look on the bright side of life and hope that - somehow - my reputation will preceed me, warning people of my quite specific likes and dislikes and the stonings, beheadings, burnings and so forth that follow on from them. Ahhh, but me old chums, that would be the perfect world wouldn't it? Like: Women=Dislike=techno. See the picture forming here? Yep, out of the whole entire massive electronica world, the subgenre that really knackers my nuts the most is the one called techno which IMHO masks a multitude of sins. However, one of the hidden joys of running an open review system like mine is that it does throw up these challenges, and I am always up for a good challenge...


Monolithic Filter (DJ Flatline Extended Mix) is pretty much what I would have expected to hear, especially seeing as it fairly obvious that this artist is just starting out. Although he says he uses Fruity Loops to make his music, I suspect there is some loop programs or samples in back of this track giving it this particular feel. The bass line may well come from his own playing but there is too much familiarity with the keyboard sequences for them to be totally original. btw, these comments are not coming from my dislike of the track. I don't dislike it, in fact I think its quite chirpy and uplifting in its own way. It even had me tapping my feet and that rarely happens with a four to the floor tune.

However, it's flaws outweigh its appeal.

When I say it's obvious this artist is just starting out I am talking about basic errors, the sort of thing that most people iron out of their tracks before releasing them. More to the point the disjoints between sections are extremely noticable and add massively to the feeling that not a lot of thought went into this track. Thought? Hold on, I thought music was all about having fun? Indeed it is, but unless you follow music's rules you may find yourself having fun all on your own. DJ ToxicKlay is, presumably, releasing these tracks because he wants a) more exposure to other listeners and b) a chance to learn from other musicians. Well, I would suggest the artists listen to competition and then try to better that and - whatever happens - don't release something until it is finished. There again, I could be totally wrong and he's just doing all this for a laugh in which case I might as well not be wasting my breath.

A surprisingly listenable techno tune, but not without its faults.

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