Sunday, February 11, 2007

Silverline Productions - Icicle

Hear The Track Here

Brrrr makes me cold just looking at the title. Don't you fekkin hate winter? I know I do. Sun good, snow bad. It's probably a shame that Silverline Productions and Sound Radius ended up back to back in the review list this month because I have a abysmally low threshold for listening to soundtracks. Games, video and films, it's all the same to me; something that I might enjoy very much while watching/playing the film/video/game I find utterly pointless when taken out of context like this. Again, though, Greg Michalec (aka Silverline Productions) exonerated himself by delivering some decent musical licks in the past few months but nothing - as yet - I have been able to sink my teeth into.

On first showing Icicle didn't show me anything that I didn't already know either, and subsequent listens only reinforced those conclusions. Taken alone, Icicle is a very personable, laid back, light track that floats on the surface of your brain rather than giving it a right good seeing to. Still, not everyone can hit the musical G spot every time and considering what Icicle consists of (ie a fairly basic instrumental, leavened by some sax riffs that sounded - to my ears anyway - a bit cheesy. There's a bigger production on this track than I've noticed on previous Silverline Productions outings and I'm wondering if this is made in a different way to the tracks I have already heard. There's a distinctly different sound about it, and that's for sure.

Although I definitely wouldn't spend much time with this track, that must be put down to my own personal demons, and shouldn't stop you checking out this eminently likeable tune - especially if you like jazzy electronica. Considering that it tops out at just over four minutes in length, it moves along at a reasonably varied pace structurally so there's always things going on to attract your ear and it doesn't have a tinge of 'soundtrack' anywhere on its person. After repeated exposure to the track it did become surprisingly listenable but nothing like as strong as it needs to be to really stand out, but it does show that the track have some longevity potential. A workmanlike release, fer sure.

Slick jazzy electronica.

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