Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Amorphix - Beyond The Veil Of Light

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I often crack little jokes about people living on another planet but here is a guy who goes one further; he lives in a completely different dimension where even the bravest shake in their boots. Doesn't stop us po' folk in this dimension liking what he slides between the worlds and I have to admit I have been one of the most fervent of voices for this artist. I do indeed have a fear of a red-hot devilish trident jammed up my butt but that isn't the reason why I like this artist, and it certainly isn't for his sunny, upbeat views of life. It's because he is a fine, fine musician who creates his own musical worlds in such a way that even if you don't agree with much of it's inner meanings, entertains, thrills and inspires us. In the space of about four or five tracks this artist has made a bigger impression than I think even he is aware of. In my year end review of 2006, I placed Amorphix as an up and comer for this year so I expect much...yeah, even while quakin' in my boots.

Amorphix got a Must Have from me on his very first outing btw, so be warned I am a fan.

I much prefer Amorphix when he is in sepulchural mode, as in Beyond The Veil Of Light. There is a beauty and majesty in these kinds of tracks he doesn't (for some reason) have in his work in other (slightly more ambient than this) genres. Where other artists get their inspiration from flowers, cute little puppies and love of all things fluffy; Amorphix digs into tombs, crypts and ancient texts on the nature of the universe. In every case of him working in this genre (there are least four of these kind of tracks on his SC page), it is a style of ambient I almost garantee you will not hear elsewhere. I would say he has his fingers firmly on the pulse of his best work but that similie wouldn't work because this stuff does not have a pulse.

What it has though is breathtakingly gorgeous music, produced to perfection that carries an impact far in excess of the musical notes Amorphix employs. Somehow, at least for this reviewer, when he taps into this darker strain of music he manages to capture that hold-your-breath feeling perfectly. When listening to Beyond the Veil Of Light I was assailed by images from the movie 'Brainstorn' where the death video was finally playing out. That is how powerful this track is, musically, emotionally and yes even spiritually. I leave the final words to Amorphix himself because I took his advice and it worked - time and time again. He says 'cast off the shackles of consciousness and dream...'


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