Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Phenotypo - Looking for the White Haired Girls Pt 3

Hear The Track Here

While I was downloading Looking for the White Haired Girls pt 3 I happened to be browsing the main pages of the site (as you do) when I saw several alarming indicators that loudly informed me that we may not be in Kansas any more. The first thing was the extremely familiar cup of coffee/tea/old rusty wine/boldily fluids that sits on the right hand side of the screen. HAdn't I seen that before and wasn't it the stuff of nightmares? Yep it sure was because the more I discovered about Phenotypo the more I began to realise that this handsome new edifice sheltered a very well known Soundclick character of long standing - the artist known universally as drt.

Yep the mad scientist takes to the airwaves yet again.

The man himself explains further 'This (the Phenotypo persona) for the more experimental/noise/drone/soundscape type stuff' which - if the truth were known - is exactly what I know drt for - albeit with a much more experimental slant than ordinary mortals. Although it's experimental in terms of it being electronica of the old school, there is a sense of - what do the youngster call it these days :D - chill out about the music that I found particularly appealing. Its also a track keeps the dissonance only on the electronic bleeps and whirrs, the rest of the track is as smooth as a baby's bum.

Having worked up a couple of my own tunes from electronic drones, I am a confirmed fan of this particular musical device - probably why I am so drawn to instruments like sitars and things. Without those highly dramatic, and stereo space filling sounds, the track lags a bit but drt's inbuilt sense of 'enough is enough' keeps it from running away with itself. Looking for the White Haired Girls Pt 3 is also a surprisingly listenable chunk of electronica that - despite its length (6:47) - never flagged in interest levels, there is always plenty going on so you don't even notice the time passing.

Old school electronica, albeit with a softer experimental edge. Highly Recommended.

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