Monday, February 05, 2007

Muggsy - Cryin'

Hear The Track Here

As you know, I NEVER review from little billet doux delivered to my SC PM box. It's a bit of a principle thing, because think how often you get spammed with people wanting you to 'peep their s***', now imagine how many of those I get - then triple it. Seriously, its amazing how many people I get PMing me about reviews. However, as I have learned to my cost many, many times; never say never. Because here is a case where I almost feel duty bound to take it up. Muggsy, as well as being a musician/rapper, also happens to be at the sharp end of the military machine. Always support your friends I say and I consider the US Navy one of my friends. I also feel immensely sorry for anyone who does nine hour watches so here ya go brother, and I hope you find this review worth it.

So, the music??

You may also know that I am big, long term fan of all things hip hop and rap - even though I don't do much of it myself. I've always found it an exhuberant and exhilarating genre, full of fire and passion. Well, mainly anyway, if it is in any way 'real' and both in production terms and delivery Cryin' is as real a track as you'll hear from online rap. To be sure there are elements in the track that are increasingly familiar (particularly the rapping pattern) but Muggsy makes an excellent presentation of the track as a whole that you can forgive him certain industry standards (I'm talking here about rap delivery not about the production, which btw is excellent; clear and big boned).

Moreover, the elements that make up this powerful track almost force you to listen to more, just to see what's coming next, and that is the sign of a real pro. There again seeing as Muggsy is a resident of one of rap's birthplaces - Brooklyn to be exact - he would have to have upped his game long before he came to my attention if he had foisted something not up to scratch, I feel certain his homies would have carved him a whole new butt. Seriously good production and a fresh, interesting arrangement make this stand head and shoulders above a lot of the rap you are gonna hear online, and with just the tiniest bit of tweaking would making a cohesive commercial sound too. OK, so it's the first time I have encountered Muggsy but judging from Cryin', he and I are about to explore his world big time.

Highly Recommended hip hop with an extremely commercial rap (which, btw, does contain lotsa cusswords).

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