Sunday, February 11, 2007

Burp - Habakkuk must wait

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It has to be said that over the years I have probably introduced many of you to some strange and wonderful sounds, but none IMHO stranger and yaaay more wonderful than the music of one Munich resident known to all and sundry as Burp. At first, Simon Witt (aka the Burpster) took some incredible jibes about his name change from his earlier Emetrics personna to the Burp one - and I shamefully admit I was loudest in the chorus of wot?s that followed that name change. Now, a couple of years down the line from that traumatic event, I finally realise that Burp fits this artist soooo perfectly I couldn't imagine him being called anything else. If a brain could belch, this is what it would sound like.

And if you are not interested after that lead in, why sirrah you have no soul...

Burp is carrying on (in my opinion of course) the grand tradition that German musicians have with the strange and wonderful, from classical music through to the music of Kraftwerk - whose electronic style has a lot of echoes in Burp's work. The list of Burp classics seems endless, although it has be said that the lowercase routine is well old by now ;) and you can find out exactly why Habakkuk must wait, and what for. See, this isn't just music that gives your brain a good rotor rooting, it teaches you things as well. Now that, my wise ol' chums, is what I call German efficency.

Musically, it is exactly what I have come to expect from this excellent (and most experimental) of artists, music of depth, complexity and a surprising warmth that even seduces the most casual of listeners. As much as I liked this track - and I love anything this guy does - I didn't think that it had the major league pulling power of some of his more classic works and may well appeal more to those people who have already acquired a burping habit. However, it still has those essential ingredients I mentioned in the first sentence of this paragraph so it might well rope in some new fans - as well it should.

Highly Recommended Experimental, like no other...

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