Wednesday, February 21, 2007

preOKL - Ice Cream Sandwich

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Like a cheap version of the Wonder Years we now go back in time to the early youth of Soundclick stalwarts, the Texas double dee Dave and Dustin collectively known as One Kids Lunch. Bing!! PreOKL, now it all makes sense :rolleyes: Ice Cream Sandwich is the second track off the preOKL page that I have experienced (and I mean that most definitely folks) and it really does add mileage to the old adage about leopards and never changing spots. Or, looked at another way (askance maybe); once a loony always a loony. Considering their upfront stand on their Christian beliefs, it has to be said that OKL in all their guises have a wicked sense of humour and it pours out of every track I have heard from them, Pre or Post s'all the same to me. Something Green (Insurance Policy) (January 2007) got a highly recommended from me partly on the strength of its laughter lines.

Apparently recorded on an old cassette back in 1994 during the band's ''DogSauce' era'. With that sentiment peeing up our legs, let sleeping dogs lie down with fleas, and whip on reeaaalll quick to the music. It's best not to ask for explanations from this lot, way too much information, know what I mean? ;) However the one thing that is important to me with this band are the lyrics, which are often extremely chucklesome, and often highly lucid (well, for madmen anyway). For all it's lo-fi approach, Ice Cream Sandwich, has a punchy, raunchy sound that neatly counterpoints the Zappa-ish vocal style. Sorta like the Residents gpoing commercial....

In a world of boxes, holes and categories, thank God for the individualists like OKL (in all their guises) who can always - even back into the very mists of time (well 1994 anyway) - manage to bring some lightness into anything they put their hands to. It's easy to see where One Kids Lunch get that hastily slapped together perfection they manage so well, because they have been practising it since the Year Dot. I'm joking of course about the hastily slapped together stuff; despite their humour these guys are serious about their music and it shows now - and judging by this track - and it showed then. The curse of being 'before your time eh?' Oh, one last thing; lyrics, lyrics, lyrics. Post 'em. Now.

Odd, loopy but somehow charming to a fault. Recommended for that little lift.

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OKL Dave said...

Hey Steve,

Thanks for the review (and the chastisment on the lack of posted lyrics :) )

I didn't see this on the SoundClick board--I must've missed it. I went ahead and posted lyrics on the song though :D

Again, many thanks for your time spent on all of us. It's much appreciated, and much to our benefit.

Best wishes.

Dave (and Dustin--and we're both in New Mexico now, FWIW :) )