Thursday, February 08, 2007

Denton - Dog-Leap Stairs

Hear The Track Here

I hope I do better this time, sighs Mat Wilson (aka Denton) when he put this foirward for review this month. Well, so do I mate, so do I. Despite all appearances to the contrary I don't enjoy dishing peoples work in the slightest but hey, you got to state an opinion... The Reivers Way was the culprit last time and I wasn't, IMO, that sadistic about a track that I found a bit ordinary and certainly not much competition in the impress me stakes. However, as I mentioned later, it's a bit unfair to take an artists measure by just one track and that I'd like to hear some more - and here ya go...

Dog Leap Stairs is a title which, I assume, describes the condition ytou are in when you've had a few bevvies and are a bit of a party animal. The comment I made about The Reivers Tale also holds true here; Denton makes rock with a distinct Ventures/Shadows tinge, mainly lead guitar led instrumentals and - as such - I haven't heard anyone else quite like him. That still deserves an explanation; do I like him? Surprisingly enough I do, certainly enough to give him the respect due for creating such a time sensitive sound, although the track is not without its flaws. Mainly, I hasten to add in the arranging department, the music sounds well fine.

So it would be good if you had preference for guitar instrumentals that hark back to bands from the 1950's and early '60's including the two best known US and UK bands of the time. The lead guitar probably owes more to the American side of the story rather than the softer (to my mind more emotional and much underrated Hank B Marvin) UK versions but that's no bad thing. The track zips along like the man's whippit (don't ask) going through a lot of changes in style. It's those changes in style, though worthwhile, kinda detract from a more pointed performance. It's clever sure enough and will make you tap your feet and nod your head but it doesn't, for my money, ever catch fire. Still, it's a good idea and some refinement of the sound and arrangement would sharpen it's focus maybe.

Air guitarists unite. Recommended instrumental Rock

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