Sunday, February 25, 2007

I'ms a Meer - Untld Mldyactual

Hear The Track Here

Just in case you think I have a particularly bad case of cat and keyboard, alarm yourself not. It's all I'ms a Meer's fault. What is more, he insists that we are ALL meers, so there ya go, wtf this is all about is anyone's guess but I have to admit it's perplexing enough to be intruiging. Moreso when the genre of choice here is Electronica: Experimental which - as you know - is the very stuff of nightmares and even the odd case of bed wetting. Having just reviewed Art Nada recently I have had both of those experiences visited upon me. There again, Pilesar and Co are the masters of music to frighten the kids to... By the looks of things, I'ms a Meer has been around Soundclick for about a year and readily admits that he 'suck(s) at music'. 'But I like to make it' he adds.

Oh, that's alright then???

The first thing you may notice is this track starts with the ending, thereby giving you some clue as to what is about to occur. Not the most auspicious start in the world but hey maybe there is a point to it later. The only problem is that when you reach the end of this track some three minutes later it's still no clearer wtf the beginning had to do with anything. I suspect it's just something that needs trimming off the front of this track, rather than an integral part of the whole. While there is self evident truth about his musical ability believe me I have heard a lot, lot worse. In fact, if you just liked a pretty little electronic instrumental noodle, then this track (I refuse to say that name hee hee) is exactly what you are looking for.

For the rest of us who expect a little bit more bang for our buck, this is lacking in many ways. Now sure everyone has to start somewhere and I have tracks that sound just like this mouldering away in my digital cupboard from years past - especially during my MIDI and VST (instrument) phases, and even some I released to deafening silence. The reason for that silence is probably going to be the same for this track, and it took me years to learn this. As pleasant and listenable as it is, it doesn't have anything like the content and/or drama quotent that the competition is throwing out, and that will be to it's detriment. This is the kind of track that interests only another Fruity tinkerer (me, for instance) but not much further than that. OK if the only thing you want to do is release music, not OK if you want to get somewhere with that music.

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