Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Big Wheel - Magic Organ

Hear The Track Here

Big Wheel is getting to be well known fairly rapidly on Soundclick, not least because of his prodigious forum postings but also with his music - an excellent take on the poor old tired electronica scene that I have found quite refreshing. On the way he has gathered a string of Highly Recommend's from this review as well as ranking him as one of Soundclick's up and coming artists for 2007. Not bad going at all for a musician who claims to have started all this 'just over a year ago'. Yeah, and gorgeous women feel impelled to throw themselves at me gagging for it. Look a little deeper, and you would get a much broader picture.

The north of England has always a good place for musicians to grow and work, chiefly because there is fuck all else to do and northern music has always promised (and often delivered) some great music. Big Wheel is from Preston, a city I know well, and plays gig's there with his band Tin Gods. If that name is ringing bells its because they are on Soundclick too and I have reviewed them in the recent past. So having all the accolades heaped on him at the end of 2006 can only lead to one thing - getting a much higher level of scrutiny from this reviewer. I'm very proprietorial about me scabby awards ya know, I have a shot-to-shit reputation yet to sully.

So can the man?

Magic Organ is one of the oldest of Big Wheel tracks, it's right at the bottom of his music list and was first released on here in February of last year and I know for a fact he has progressed much further musically over that time. Therefore, I put all technical considerations aside (and any award points BW may score with newer tracks) and just groove on an excellently chilled, break filled slice of electronica propelled quite nicely thank you very much by a DnB tinged drumtrack. Sure the drum track is fairly unchanging, but the music overlaying it has plenty of little by-ways to wander down. Had I heard this before classics such as Faraway, Lost and even The Yes Song, I would have probably have been kind to it, as it is I know know that this artist is a more than this track would show you. So, for fans as a keeper but certainly still interesting enough to hook a listener into this artists better tracks.

Class electronic chillout. Recommended.

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