Saturday, March 03, 2007

Even So... - Nervy

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Over the past year, since I've been doing my Rebelriffs blog, I have been getting more and more tracks coming at me from different directions as opposed to the three sites that have taken up all my time over the last three or four years. There is no doubt that the reach of the blog is much larger than any of the forums I regularly post in but surprisingly I don't recieve that many review requests from it. It's audience does seem to be listeners as opposed to other musicians. As you can tell though, Even So... managed to find out where I lived and wheedled a review out of me. The reason is partly because I liked their no nonsense approach and are natives of Baltimore, MD where I lived myself for a couple of years. The downside is that there aren't any download options here, but hey there are plenty of messages to browse (it is the Murdoch Empire after all where marketing is king) while you are listening...

(Reviewer mimes putting the needle on the record)

Even So... are a three peice Indie/alternative band consisting of Sam Hoffberger, Ira Gamerman and Tyler Wolfe who are obviously influenced by the movers and shakers of that genre primarily REM and (surprisingly enough) Radiohead. So if either of those two names makes your blood lively itself up, then go and have a listen right now because Nervy is exactly what is sounds like. There is a punch and energy in this track that I don't normally associate with the genre (or at least the unsigned varieties I most often hear) and that is a definite point in it's favour. As is the unfussy, lets-play-it-straight production and mix, all of which helps to establish the track in your mind surprisingly quickly but useful in this listen-only situation.

The real kicker for me was - as always - the song. What a great shame there are no lyrics online because I - and millions of other potential listeners - love to read the lyrics as we listen to the music. The reason I am so exercised about the lack of lyrics is because Nervy is a great, zippy little track with an enormous likeability factor - an almost first play turn on which is no bad thing. There's an almost punk feel to the headlong rush of words and music and the chorus could well have come from any UK source of that music, so it's a given that this is a most invigorating listen and I for one would like to see some kind of download option for it because - had there been one - I would most definitely snaffled myself a copy. A very nice introduction to this band indeed and I recommend that they also sign up for a Soundclick account because that's where a large alternative audience is sitting waiting for them.

Highly Recommended alternative punch-in-the-face rock.

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