Monday, February 05, 2007

Fear 2 Stop - Givin' In

Hear The Track Here

Lot of eyeballs on Fear 2 Stop right now, mainly because of their excellent turnaround that saw 2006 being one of their best ever years on Soundclick - at least where this reviewer is concerned. Mind you, I can see by the increased turnover on the Fear 2 Stop Soundclick webpage that something is definitely happening for them, as well it should. The way Fear 2 Stop have captured their own little share of the online world is a lesson in how to make this scene work for you. After years of crap about their music, they finally honed their very own sound - and if you think you like experimental then Fear 2 Stop are right up there with the best of them; think the Fall mixed up with Throbbing Gristle and a rhythm section that has links to Joy Division.

Except, being Americans and not whiny brits, there is a distinct lack of angst. Which is a good thing. Definitely.

I think the turnaround came for them when they discovered the beats and rhythms that actually fitted their tracks rather than just kinda slung on there to make some sort of sense of it. For me, the puny rhythm sound they had going for them in some of their earlier tracks was what caused them most grief and - over the last year or so - they have solved that dilemma forever. If you have any doubts about this bold statement then I direct you to a play of Givin' In as a prime example of where Fear 2 Stop are today.

There is still that extreme oddity that can only come from the mind Castillo, but now it's chained to an (almost) rock solid backing track that gives impetus and meaning to their music. The first few bars will show exactly what I mean and the echoed, detuned piano hits that introduce this peice will either give you nightmares for a week or make you go 'that's neat...' which was my reaction. Although nothing like as accessible as some of last years highlights, I rather took to Givin' In as an experimental track - although it certainly has its dancy side and its this combination that ultimately puts it over the top. A track from the upcoming Fear 2 Stop album How High Are You, this bodes well for 2007 being an even better year for this most interesing of bands.

Another MUST HAVE for F2S fans and a Highly Recommended for anyone else's taste.

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