Thursday, February 08, 2007

Cam's Even Song - Gonna Sell Something to a Telephone Salesman

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Well it's another month so surely it must be time for yet another from Cam's Even Song :D

One of life's modern (non Biblical) plagues are the ubiquitous cold sales calls which - as much as we are bedevilled by it here in the UK - is far, far worse if you live in the continental USA. Cam obviously has much experience of this and - strangely enough - came up with the same answer as the rest of us. How CAN we turn the tables around on these people? Believe me I have spent hours and hours devising ploys to get rid of this most modern of irritants until I discovered that if you ask them a question every time theuy ask you one soon puts them off. Mind you, a good loud **** off works just as well but leaves you feeling pretty crap for losing your rag at an inanimate telephone who has done nothing whatsoever to harm you.

Besides that, replacing the telephone every couple of days worked out expensive.

For some people who don't live in the same world as the rest of us (there are quite a few so I'm told) Cam's Even Song are currently one of Soundclick's better known names, and if there is such a thing as a Soundclick 'star' then Cam's Even Song has been one for a good many years. His distinctive blend of pop rock that references everything from the Beatles to Bob Dylan has won him a great many fans as well as endless Must Haves, Highly Recommended and even an Artist Of The Year 2006 from this reviewer. Despite all appearances to the contrary I am no pushover when it comes to music and an artist has to have a lot of things on the go (performance, arrangement, production, songwriting talent) to snag one of these awards but Cam deserves every bit of it - as Telephone Salesman aptly demonstrates.

Taking a leaf this time out of the Beatles songbook, Gonna Sell Something to the Telephone Salesman! is one of those tracks you could have sworn you heard on an old Beatles album circa (say) Rubber Soul. Cam puts in a performance above and beyond on this extremely endearing track which, needless to say, I loved from the get go. The Lennon-esqe loudhailer vocals that pepper (no pun intended) this track was the first thing to strike me about the track but it's the overall composition and arrangement of the whole track that's gonna win it space on your hard drive - and it IS gonna win that space. Considering the blinders (Ed: I think he means good tracks but you never can tell with this guy...) he supplied us with this year, the man is starting 2007 like a racehorse fresh out of the gate.

Pure Cam, pure enjoyment. (sigh) MUST HAVE.

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