Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lord Skye - Legends Unfurl (Title Theme)

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Having reviewed at least four of Lord Skye's tracks it is now obvious that we are not going to cosy up any time soon. This has nothing to do with Lord Skye musical nous, or even the way he gets his music to our earholes. On both counts the man seems to have a decent grip of what he's after - albeit slightly flawed by some sample problems. As I mentioned before (Ed: several million times...) Games Soundtracks and I do not get on. Despite that, I have noticed some improvement in Lord Skye's major failing on his first few tracks; very standardised samples.

Certainly by the time I reviewed Domain of Spirits (Haunted Manor) (January 2007) I was able to be a bit kinder to him than I had been on previous outings, so I have to admit that I approached this review slightly less apprehensive than I have been in the past. Legends Unfurl (Title Theme) is Lord Skye's first attempt (apparently) at live recording some instruments (in this case I certainly think the acoustic guitar) and a flute which he is attributing to Scarlett Rose (and after a little more digging I find this which explains much more. The good news is that there are two bits of good news - at least for genre-haters like me. The first is that Legends Unfurl is a very pleasant listen indeed and both Skye and Ms Rose get mucho kudos, the second is that it's only one minute and change so even philistines like me won't be that bothered by listening to it.

I was a bit dubious about the horn sounds which I felt were still a little too factory sounding, but everything else works well and sounds real good too. The problem is that IF I were into this kind of music - and there are plenty who are I think I may have felt a bit miffed about the shortness of the peice which is, to my ears anyway, an intro to a much larger peice. It shouold be taken into account though that most video game intros are actually quite short. Nonetheless, the track promises much and at a minute and a bit it won't strain either your ears or your time poor asses, so why not give it a listen.

Excellent, if short, semi-classical peice. Recommended

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